• Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre Preventative & Rehabilitative Health Care in Nepean.

    Our experienced team provides a broad range of physiotherapy, massage, nutrition and chiropody services to help clients of all ages achieve a better quality of life.

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  • Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre Preventive & Rehabilitative Treatment for Sports Injuries.

    We work with professional and recreational athletes improve performance, recover from injuries, and prevent injury from occuring in the first place.

    Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention
  • Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy CentreEvidence-Based, Client-Centred Care

    Our experienced and professional team will work with you to create a rehabilitative and preventive treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

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  • Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy CentreGet Back To Enjoying Life!

    We specialize in the treatment and prevention musculoskeletal injuries, and the improvement of your overall health, mobility, and quality of life.

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Nepean Physiotherapists, First Appointment

Welcome To Our Practice Your First Visit

Your first visit will involve an assessment, and the development of a comprehensive, evidenced-based treatment plan.

Registered Dietician & Nutrition Services in Nepean, Ottawa

Registered DieticianNutrition Services

Interested in losing weight, managing a chronic condition or simply improving your health? Our Registered Dietician can help.

Shockwave Therapy, Nepean Physiotherapy

Innovative Treatment Options Shockwave Therapy

The energy wave produced by Shockwave promotes regeneration and reparative processes of soft tissue and bone.

Dry Needling & Acupuncture in Nepean

Pain Relief & Management Dry Needling

TDN uses tiny, sterile acupuncture needles to release muscular trigger points and tightness, which can cause pain.

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The registered physiotherapists and massage therapists at Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre provide active, preventive and rehabilitative musculoskeletal care services to the Nepean & Ottawa community.

Nepean Physiotherapist, Massage ServicesWhether you are suffering from an acute injury, a chronic degenerative condition, recovering from surgery, or would like to prevent injuries by maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle, our physiotherapists and massage therapists can help. 

We provide evidence based, client-centred care, and integrate the latest research findings and clinical skills into our treatment plans.

At Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre, we focus on our patients' full body health. This includes rehabilitative treatment, as well as long-term preventive care and treatment plans and the provision of dietary guidance, exercise plans, and special attention to how all aspects of a patient's lifestyle affect overall well being.

At Nepean Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre, we can help restore your mobility, strength and function. Get back to enjoying life – contact us today!

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